Sunday, September 30, 2012

Redundant Department of Redundancy

Redundancy is the key to good blogging. Said no one. Ever.

But I'll do it anyway!

I just want to be able to stay home for the holidays and not be stressing about where in the world we are supposed to go to celebrate Simchas Torah next week. :(

There. I'll take my pity party off of repeat now!

In other news, hope you all have an awesome Succos and enjoy the gorgeous weather you will hopefully have!!

Looking forward to over-eating and getting my fill of the great outdoors before the midwestern winter comes to lock me inside!!!!

Truly missing all our family. That statement includes all the friends we love like family but don't live near. We miss you guys too!!

Chag Sameach and a shake, shake, shake!


Dara said...

drive to ks! we miss you. have a good one.

tkob said...

I hope it all works out!
A gut Yom Tov from me to you all!

Chani M said...

Dara, we thought about KC but we didn't really jump into action and make any arrangements and I didn't want to start calling people so close to Yom Tov, looking for a place to stay! I was hoping to just be able to stay super local but it didn't work out!