Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Royal Affair

I know we are about to head into Succos but my mind is totally on Purim already!! Tis the season to buy costumes, after all!

This year, the theme in Des Moines is 'London'. At first, I was totally baffled. What in the world does that entail in the realm of costumes? Ok, so Benny could easily be Big Ben. That's about as far as I got.

Then, after some google image research and asking around on some forums, I decided to attempt a go at the Royal Family.
Benny and Bella will be a prince and princess/duke and duchess sort of couple.
Shuky and I can either be another royal couple or we can be their security detail. I'm leaning more toward the security. I just feel like it will be easier to pull those costumes together than a whole ornate King/Queen type of outfit!

I kind of already have something that I was hoping to use for Shalach Manos but I may put those away for birthday parties and make something a bit more regal looking.

Anyway, if anyone sees anything awesome along these lines, or has better recommendations, send 'em my way!!! As I get things moving, I'll try to keep you posted!

On that note, I really want a sewing machine. There are so many projects I really want to do and could really get further with a machine!!
It's almost my birthday. Hint hint. Wink wink. Nod nod.

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