Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shame On Me

I can't believe so much time has gone by without a post. I hang my head in shame. Luckily, there is more to write now!
Firstly, Benny has started walking. At first, Shuky didn't think they counted as real steps but slowly, as he saw how Benny was seriously getting around, he caved and agreed that Benny has, indeed, gotten older and moved on to a new stage in life! Now, there's no stopping the little guy!
So, last you all knew, we had just moved in to our place. Benny was starting out in his own room.
Benny is still sleeping in his own room. Once in a while, he throws us for a loop and actually sleeps nicely! I have yet to get a full nights' sleep since, oh I don't know, the time of creation probably!
At this point, most of our boxes are unpacked. Those that remain have made it to Shuky's 'soon-to-be-office/guestroom/TV room'. Our other guestroom has been inaugurated, thanks to Moishy. Rochel has also graced us with a visit, but did not stay at our house. Oh, and Benny calls her 'Ra-Rooow'. He also says Mommy and Tatty very nicely, and Zaida is 'Ayda' or when he's lucky, 'Dayda'.
Another fun fact, I am slowly starting to fit back into my pre-Benny wardrobe! And I do mean slowly! But, it is all unpacked nonetheless!
We have been spending all of our Shabbosim out at either my father's house or with the Browns. This week was our first Shabbos at home, and like every other place we've lived in, our first Shabbos is always graced with guests!
I have so much more to write but no idea where to start. And a sink full of Shabbos dishes waiting for me downstairs is really not helping! Oh, and being that tonight is Benny's hebrew birthday (HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!?!?!), I also have a birthday cake to make for a very funny little one year old who has completely changed my life and stolen my heart. Speaking of which, Benny is sitting on the floor in our room right now (no, he's still not asleep!!!) yelling into some of the parts from my breast pump, enjoying the way it changes his voice. Time for bed mister!
Good night to all!


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