Thursday, February 11, 2010

Leapfrog, I Owe You!

They always say children are sponges. I have never believed it as much as I do at this very moment. We are going away for the weekend again and I was in Benny's room, packing his bag. He was running all around the house, doing his thing. He brought his LeapFrog School Bus into the room and was playing with it while I was gathering his stuff. As it was singing him the ABC's, he was singing along. He is 18 months old. He sings his ABC's. When it stopped singing, I started singing it to him, leaving letters blank for him to fill in. Which he did, of course.

Granted, as he sings along, not every letter sounds as it should or even gets sung, but the fact that I was able to stop randomly and he knew which letter came!

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