Sunday, October 30, 2011

Curves in my Rearview Mirror

Bella is almost seven months old. I was doing really great with my weight loss and then somewhere, at some point, it all just stopped. I'm going to say it had something to do with all the holidays and traveling but I'll be honest with you, my loyal blog family. It started slowing down way before then! I'm also going to pretend there's just too much going on in our lives right now for me to be making an extreme effort. There isn't. Our life is always this hectic.

At least we are eating MUCH healthier these days!

Here's to hoping I can kick my butt far enough off this chair to look good at my brother in law's wedding in a few months!

Because dress shopping is going to be extremely depressing if not!

The stress of being a curvy mama.

Oh and why can't my dress be as easy to find as Bella's?? I already have like six potential dresses picked out for her!

Check out some of the options I've been eyeing for her:

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1 comment:

Devorah Maven said...

my baby just turned six months and the scale that normally says 120 still reads 140...sigh! I feel your pain : ) And miss some of my fave clothes.