Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On To The Next Chapter

I don't know when it happened but it seems like The Toddler Chapter is officially over as the little people in our family mature into slightly bigger people. Not really much bigger, if we're being honest. Just older in their heads. Think 3 going on 15 and 6 going on 16. And yes, the little girl's number is moving at a more rapid pace.

My phone is one alarm clock after another between tai kwon do, gymnastics, and the play dates I've managed to avoid until now. I have nothing against play dates, really, but with the different school hours and our kids having an early bed time (read: early wine time for the parents, just kidding, although maybe I'm not kidding), we just haven't really pursued additional friend time before. Benny has also put in a request to start doing Tater Tots again. He meant Torah Tots but it's name shall forever be changed now. We'll see if that can be worked into the equation, no promises little man.

Last year, Benny had a friend he really wanted a play date with. When they were placed in the same class this year, we made an effort to get to know his parents so Benny could get his chance before we move. Tomorrow is our big Play Date Day.

And of course, now that we are moving in about three months(!!!!!), Bella has a new girl in her class this year and they are attached at the hip, beyond besties, princess twins, frozen fanatics, matching braids and tutu skirts kind of friends. It's absolutely adorable and we are three play dates in with her already!

The nice thing is both of these friends have really nice parents. Score! (That was for you, Bubby.)

And now let's move the spotlight to me. I am on Week 2, Day 2 of my workout and I am still actively enjoying it and doing it. The run time is getting easier to handle, even though it is getting longer. My diet is going well, too! Considering the fact that we are in Food Country over here with all the holidays, I have not lost a significant amount at all but I am still lower than my starting weight instead of over. My hope was to at least stay balanced through the holidays, so the odds are ever in my favor at this moment!

Treated myself to a nice pair of running shoes after my first week, got them during a great sale!

Slightly more intense than last week.

My legs' best friend right now. Note to all you non-workouters out there, don't let your body become fudge. Or just never become active. 

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