Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Perks of Being a Geeky Kid in Seattle

Just to clarify, I find there to be a huge difference between being dorky and being geeky. On, they agree with me!

Benny could be considered geeky. Braniac for sure. Oodles of knowledge, a great desire to share it with everyone. At all times. Yes, that's Benny. He definitely has 'excessive enthusiasm' for all things in life!

A friend sent us an email in the end of August, he knows some of the big guys at Geekwire and he saw that they were looking for geeky kids to interview for their big conference. He felt that Benny would be a perfect fit. We agreed and were more than happy to be introduced! 

I sent them this video that Benny asked me to record during our summer visit to California:

They sent me back a time and place to bring him in.

He really enjoyed being interviewed and we've been patiently waiting for the videos to be posted to see if Benny made the cut. When Benny found out that he was used in the videos, he immediately turned to Bella and excitedly announced, "Bella!!!! I'm on the INTERNET!!!!!" 

They've started posting videos so I wanted to share the links. I love his responses, they are so him. (He answers a question in each of these videos.)

If more videos surface, I will try to share them!!

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