Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Wow, what a weekend! Let me start off by saying how exhausting it was getting here...long drive to the airport and all. Benny was amazing on the plane, actually had people around us commenting on how good he was and how surprised they were! He didn't cry until the plane had landed and we were just waiting for the doors to open. And that was because he pooped and I couldn't go back to the bathroom and change him...
Shabbos was really nice, the Bar Mitzvah boy did a great job and his parents put together a beautiful simcha! Benny was dressed to the nines, looking delicious in his little khakis and button down shirt!!! I was really tired from all the traveling and stuff, when we got back from the Bar Mitzvah on Sunday afternoon, I completely passed out for the rest of the day!
Today was nice and relaxing. We were supposed to return our rental car but when we rented it on Thursday, the guy must have forgotten that today would be Labor Day and none of the rental locations were open except the airport so they gave us an extra day for free and told us to return it tomorrow. So we went to walk around in some stores and help Ronnie and Roberta look for some stuff. Then we went to a pita place. I love being able to just go out to restaurants!!!
Afterward, we went to a friends place, everyone went swimming and I sat poolside with Benny asleep in the stroller...we kind of hung out the rest of the night. Got home about an hour ago...nice and tired. Benny was up for a REALLY long time, playing and flirting with everyone around him! I predict tonight will be a good night! I hope. (Fingers crossed!)

I hope these storms coming won't affect our travel plans! I really want to make it to New York this week...

Well, have a good night everyone.

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DaJoy said...

very cute! I'm sooo excited to have a little bebe too! oh and I finaly got long sleeve crew necks from Old Navy, they're great! Man much more comfortable than the pre-pregnancy ones that only go to the belly button. Did I see NEW YORK??
heh the whzak. now that's a cool word verification.