Monday, September 22, 2008

Poor baby!

Benny has his two month old checkup tomorrow, along with his immunizations! Poor kid has such a bad cold, he's extremely congested and has a hard time using his pacifier or even nursing sometimes. We're sitting by the humidifier right now, hoping to clear some of it up. He won't let me put him down, not even for a second! Thankfully, there's no fever so hopefully they'll still give him his shots tomorrow.
And Sunday we're off to New York again, for the entire month of Tishrei!!! This little boy is quite the experienced traveler! I'm really hoping his cold clears up before we have to travel!!!

Alright, I have to preserve my battery. Shuky is up at the farm this week and we have only one Dell charger but two laptops...Shuky has the charger! Bye for now, hope to see lots of people real soon!!!

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