Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Potty Ahoy!

So, lately Benny has been showing signs that he's ready for a potty. Yes, he's really young (not quite 14 months), but developementaly, he has been a bit advanced and this didn't surprise me too much. So, while shopping for his 'school supplies' today, I decided to buy him a potty. I took him into the bathroom, sat him down, and I sat on the toilet across from him and he did it! He peed! He got super excited and started pointing down, like he does with a dirty diaper. Of course, this got me super excited so I started clapping and singing for him and he just went wild, clapping and laughing and singing along with me. Too bad Shuky borrowed my phone's SD card. No pictures or videos for anyone. We'll pretend the next time is the first!

Speaking of school (I think I mentioned it up there...), I've been at the school a lot this week, getting my classroom ready, gathering text-books, scoring all the cool supplies, etc. so Benny has been in daycare. The first day I was ready for the waterworks and him grabbing my leg and never letting go. We opened the door, he ran in for the toys and never looked back! I came back four and a half hours later, expecting to see a basket-case (him AND the teacher!). But, no. Granted, he was super happy to see me. Ran over and gave me a big hug! And then went back to the toys and his teacher. I gathered his things and said, "Ok Benny, let's go home, say goodbye!" He turns to me, waves and says, "Bye Mommy!!" and turns around and continues playing! I literally had to drag him out of there! Taking him back today was just as great, I opened the door to his room and as soon as he realized where he was, he was OFF! The teacher had to wrestle his back-pack off of him! :)

Tonight I was in school for a while, had Benny with me. He found a pencil (unsharpened) and was holding it. He fell down and it hit him right below his eye...nice bruise and cut! I, of course, starting freaking out! This was, after all, the first big booboo in all of 13.5 months!!! A few hugs later (for both of us) and he was all better...

And now, my friends, I must sleep.

But before I go, just a quick mention of a great fundraiser going on to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer... You design adorable shirts and send them out to friends and for every time you do it, a dollar gets donated to OCRF and you get entered to win a new Electrolux Luxury Washer/Dryer combo! Go. Do. Win!!

Good night to one and all!

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