Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back From Hiatus

Albeit unofficial, I took a small sabbatical from blogging. Not because I wanted to, mind you. I left to California the morning after Succos and my laptop broke the day after I got back. That is about three and a half weeks worth of no blog posts. That counts as a hiatus in my book! I've missed you blog!!!!!
All I can say is the laptop broke at a good time (if there is ever a good time for a laptop to break)! Next week is my birthday and next month is Chanukah. So that's where all my money will be headed! At least I'm finally picking out a new laptop for myself instead of a lovely hand-me-down! No complaints here, just saying...
Benny is at such an awesome stage (I know I keep saying that, but they just keep getting better!!!). He's really starting to talk more and understand things. Like no. Before, his no was just a cute thing he heard people saying. Now he means it when he yells no at us! And he climbs on EVERYTHING! Today, he pushed his small chair up to the highchair, climbed up on it, and attempted to check out what might be left from dinner! Thankfully, I was walking past as he did so! He really likes to push it to the limit, but hey, what kid doesn't!!! :)
So, at 15 months, he got his first ear infection today. This week should be fun! He also has a nasty cold and cough. I've already arranged for a backup substitute for tomorrow, in case the morning isn't quite as fun as I'm hoping for!

Hopefully soon I'll cave and load my pictures onto Shuky's laptop so I can upload everything from the past few weeks. I'm still not fully accepting that my laptop has gone to the special laptop farm where they get to roam free and hang out with all the other cool laptops. It will still come back to me, it has to! I NEED MY LAPTOP BACK!!! :(

Much to think about this week...

I've missed you all,

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