Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

Unfortunately, I have not resolved my laptop issue as fast as I would have liked to! I was hoping to take my birthday money and any possible Chanukah money and find myself something cheap. But, with our current financial status, I just can't justify buying a laptop when we still have Shuky's! So my posts are not coming around as often as I'd like...
The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. Since coming back from California, each Sunday has been a new fun story with Benny.
Sunday #1: Benny had a horrible cough and cold the entire week before hand. Started giving us reason to worry (we are super careful about asthma considering Shuky's history) so we decided to take him in to the hospital, make sure it wasn't anything serious. It was an ear infection combined with a bad cough/cold combo.
Sunday #2: While combing Benny's hair after his bath, I realized he brought some friends home from school! Yuck! He had lice and, as it turns out, so did I! We had to tear the house apart, treating everything and ourselves too! I had to spend the next few days at home with B, waiting for us to both come out clean! I made it back to school on Thursday finally!
Sunday #3: Benny got a hold of a USB SD Card converter with a Micro SD Card in it. We found it in his mouth but the Micro SD Card was no longer in it! We freaked out and took him to the hpospital for X-rays. It didn't show up on the X-ray but we are now the official joke of the family; 'transfering our data to Benny', 'Benny is a walking operating system' (the card had the new Google Chrome OS on it!), 'bennydroid' :)
Thursday we are heading to Chicago for Thanksgiving, very exciting! And soon we head out on our drive to New York!!!!!!!!!
Peace and love.

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Debie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chani. Hope you all have a safe trip. Luv ya.