Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanksgiving in Chicago was really nice! It was great to get away, awesome to see family, and Benny really had a blast being the only kid around!!!

To keep up with his weekly tradition, Monday morning we were supposed to go for a flu shot for Benny but of course, he had a horrible cold/cough and was not able to get the shot! And he had the start of pink eye. So we have rescheduled the flu shot for tomorrow!

Something I noticed, while giving Benny his eye drops, was that there are about six new teeth in Little Man's mouth that were not there last week! He got in four molars and two more front-ish teeth. They seriously sprouted out of nowhere!!! I've wondered when his tooth-growing would speed up...he got his first two teeth when he was about ten months old or so!

This week was actually not too crazy. School was school, we had a Chanukah writing contest and the winners got a pizza party after school! Benny stayed with me for the party and kept running to the hallway near his classroom, yelling "DIA! DIA!!!" His teacher's name is Nadia, he calls her Dia. It was so cute!

Shuky won four movie tickets at school over the last few weeks so we finally decided to go out and use them! We took out another couple and went to see Old Dogs. Either we were all over-exhausted or the movie was seriously hilarious! We were all laughing SO hard, like crying laughing! We continued on to Walmart for even more excitement (I needed a marble jar for my classroom). After that, we had some things to do around town, transporting some bigger toys to the shul for the kids' program. Two of which did not actually fit in the car. Both of which were held through the windows, just hanging there. Cue more cry-laughing!

After our lice incident, I had everything in boxes/bags being treated. My wig was in a bag in the freezer. That was an interesting experience. Never thought I'd have to defrost my wig! But alas, there were no more nits and I can once again have my comfy wig! The toys all came out of solitary confinement today as well. With each new toy, Benny came over with a huge, "WOW!" and started playing. Needless to say, today was actually a pretty easy day with him. He could not get over having all his toys back!!
Shuky and I decided to put together the kitchen we bought for Benny's Chanukah present during his nap. We assumed we would get it done before he woke up, hide it in the office, and be able to give it to him fully ready - on Chanukah! Of course, he woke up in the middle of the assembly. Once he saw it, there was no way we could put it anywhere so Chanukah started early in our house this year!

We are very excited about our upcoming New York trip. Not so much for the trip itself but for the being in New York for two weeks part! We'll see how Benny handles his first major road trip. Or maybe we need to see how Shuky and I handle it! Thankfully, Rochel is coming to visit for Chanukah so she will be driving with us. But not back. Although I may kidnap her for the drive back. Shhh. ;)

This Shabbos, we went to the Browns for the whole thing...just slept there. Benny loves the boys and we love going there! He was yelling for AWIIII (Avi) the whole time; hilarious! Of course, it's been snowing since Thursday so it was a really good thing we decided to sleep there!

Well, it's still snowy outside and freezing and we decided that tonight we are going to try sleeping in the downstairs guest room. See if it's a lot warmer on the first floor. Way too cold upstairs these days! Benny is in Shuky's office and we are next door in the guest room...we'll see how this works out!

And now, to try out the new room, good night!!!

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