Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remind Me Why...

We seem to have a hard time staying put. That's an understatement. We CAN'T stay put! We got back from Chicago two weeks ago. I just about finished unpacking and it was time to pull the suitcases back out! This time we're packing for a longer trip though. Chicago is just a stop on a much bigger map! We are driving to New York. Why? I plead temporary insanity. Something about how it will be much better to have our own car the entire time we're there. Something about how we'll be able to bring everything we need and not worry about weight and size! All I can say is I was up until almost 2 am doing laundry and I was up at 7 this morning (not an hour I like to see) to finish with packing and all that fun stuff! Oh, and it's FREEZING outside so I've been pushing off cleaning the car. I think I actually have to do it today so we can load the car! Uch.

Ok, I have a list the size of Florida and only a few hours.


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