Saturday, January 23, 2010

And So It Goes...

Every time we get back from anywhere, even for one night, I look at the suitcases and say 'Never again!'. And yet, here I am, another Saturday night with me staring at suitcases that need unpacking. But fear not! I am ignoring them as I do so well!!! Oh, Hulu you are my hero! Without you, I would...probably get some housework done!

Shuky had his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and we had a nice long week, between his consultation on Tuesday and the no talking on Shabbos. Anyone who knows Shuky knows this is no easy feat ;) From Thursday until Shabbos we had a dry-erase board. For shabbos, we had a very frustrated person! But he is slowly feeling better and ready to talk again!

Benny's 18 month pictures had to be postponed because he had a bad cold. I'm considering doing them tomorrow and can't decide what to do, what to put on him, what kind of poses I want! I usually have everything figured out well before-hand but I'm at a total loss right now!!

I'm hitting a brick wall in my head so I must continue my night offline!

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