Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Update

Just wanted to add a few words. A quick update on life in Bennyville!

Benny is officially in his full blown, tantrumy, terrible twos! Nooooooo combined with a shrug of his shoulders is his favorite response to everything. It's lovely. Makes me so happy!

He talks a lot. Well, he has a lot of words he says and repeats EVERYTHING he hears :) He doesn't string together sentences longer than two words that much but has a couple phrases he knows and loves to use: 'I see you!' 'I lolu (love you)' 'One Two Tee (three)' etc...

He says 'heema' for shema, covers one of his eyes, and gets super excited when it's shhh time for 'baruch sheim'. He calls modeh ani 'ani' and at the end he says 'cha cha cha' (thanks to his Zaida for that trick!).

He climbs on everything and gets in to everything. Nothing is safe anymore. His newest ambition is figuring out how to open closed doors! I would love it if this one just really stumped him but odds are not in my favor!

LOVES watching movies now...we've created an Uncle Moishy (or just plain Moishy as he calls it) monster! He sits on his rocking horse in front of the TV and jumps and jams to the music. Sometimes he gets off to play with his toys while watching. Depends on his mood!

He is also showing us that he has an AMAZING (poo poo poo) memory...remembering words from songs, abcs and aleph bais. We are really able to teach him things now, that he seems to be soaking up! We have the fridge magnets that sing the ABC and each letter has a song, "B says Buh, B says Buh, every letter makes a sound and B says Buh!"...he yells the Buh part, each time. If you ask him what B says, he responds with 'buh'!

What else...he still loves school; LOVES his rolling backpack (bah-pat); terrorizes kids in stores by SCREAMING 'hello!!!' in their faces; loves coloring (toloring), especially all over himself; still loves dogs; if you read my last post, you'll know he's OBSESSED with towtrucks (towtrut); and tons more, which I will remember as soon as I click 'Publish Post'. :)

He is now sleeping on his very own twin bed! Well, at this point, it's just a mattress and box-spring on the floor, but hopefully that will change soon...

We tried potty training but that was an experience I'd rather not repeat just yet. Now we're just helping him to familiarize himself with the feeling of needing to go...and what to do! I'm hoping we can stop buying diapers soon!!!

I have this huge, plastic water bottle - holds 8 cups of water to help you drink enough each day, blah blah blah - which he loves carrying around, well teetering around, and drinking from it... hilarious site! Hope to catch it on video soon!

He is only using his pacifiers for nap time and night time and even then, only sometimes... :)

Sippy cups have also got one foot out the door!

Ok, I think that's a pretty good update for now...time for me to get ready for work!

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