Friday, September 3, 2010

The Brain Really Works!!

An amazing thing happened last night. I saw the way Benny's mind really and truly works. And let me tell you, that thing is working! We sing alot, have special songs for many things, random songs for other times. In general, music is a constant in our life. Benny picks up very quickly on new songs and enjoys singing along and even by himself!

There is an old hebrew song about trains that even I used to sing it as a kid..."Hinei rakevet, he mistovevet, al galgalim al galgalim al galgalim, choo choo!" Free translation: "Here is a train, it is going around, on its wheels on its wheels on its wheels, choo choo!" I never said it was an award winner! Anyway, back to my story, last night Benny asked me for a fire truck song. I was stumped, don't know any fire truck songs off the top of my head. So I told him that, asked him if he knew any. He thought about it for a minute. He started singing the train song, but replaced 'rakevet' (hebrew for train) with fire truck, and replaced 'choo choo' with 'wee-oooo-wee-oooo'. In my eyes, that is big. That means he is completely comprehending how the song is working and how to adapt it to something else! Could just be my biased mother opinion but wow!

We have been having fun here. We hang out in PJs until it's time to go out. We haven't really been out too much, just picking up and dropping off Shuky occasionally, grocery shopping, a zoo trip, nothing too serious.
Still working on finding things to do but taking my time because I can.

And now for the most important news yet, we are finally going on a vacation!!! Yes, it's mini. Yes, it's kind of local. I DON'T CARE! We are going to a hotel in Minneapolis for a night with the Feeleys, going to the aquarium, going to get real restaurant food!! I'm even willing to deal with the rude Israeli 'tude that comes with the pizza in town!!

And now, I have plenty to do before we go to the Feeleys for Shabbos so over and out!

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tkob said...

That is TRULY amazing. It really shows cognitive development skills! (and the Meyer musicality of his Zaydie and Alte Bubbe).

Have a GREAT mini vacation, make it Major!

Good Shabbos