Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Long Farewell

It has come to that time. The part of the trip I abhor. Out come the suitcases. I become a slave to my belongings. Speaking of which, why the hell did I feel the need to pack so much to come here? It's not like we wouldn't have access to a washing machine. It is not even five feet from our bedroom door. It's not like we wouldn't have access to stores where we could **GASP** go and buy stuff! I felt it necessary to tote pretty much all of Benny's clothing, every article Bella owns (but for some reason, nothing from the next size, which we need already obviously), and anything I might fit into. Whether I like it or not. I'm pretty sure there is a full drawer of clothing I never even touched here. And then all the new stuff I got as I continued losing weight. Good stuff. Shuky is probably the best off out of the four of us. He packed a good amount, nothing excessive. Although, he was usually the one most affected by my pushing off laundry times if (read: when) I did. You live and learn. Or in my case, you just live. We all know I will over-pack the next time we go anywhere. At which point you can expect another fun little rant like this.

Being the realist that I am, I began packing last week already. One full suitcase done, another half completed. The drawers are emptying slowly. We occupied two full dressers while here. It will take some time. Been giving things away that we don't want to take back. It's been a full week already and it's only Tuesday night. Nope, make that early Wednesday morning.

This Sunday is Benny's upshernish. The long awaited party is (almost) here! As it comes closer, I'm getting more sentimental about the adorable blonde curls that will soon be no more. I took the kids to Prospect Park this past week to get some nice pictures, (I shot the pictures, my pipe dream of an outdoor photographer stayed a dream) and I do believe I got some great shots! In a rare form of my single-child-blogging life, I will actually post some pictures for you!

Big brother keeping our little model happy between shots. Sigh.

The hair :'(

And, while these are not Prospect Park beautiful, I had some fun with Bella at my mom's place. Enjoy!

Alright, just wanted to pop in for a quick update. Much to do this week between packing and party planning. We'll have to catch up on life later!


BobbiStorm said...

you write so well and love reading what you write :)

he will look so different with short hair, really...

great pics and great tips for me not to pack too much (haha) for this trip...

see you soon, keep writing and being a great mom!

Chani M said...

I keep trying to envision it...can't wait to see him 'all grown up'