Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just a few thoughts running through my head, thought I would share them:

1. Highchairs/booster seats should come with built-in, automatic floor sweeper uppers.

2. Babies R Us coupons should tell you what you are actually allowed to buy as opposed to what's excluded. I'm pretty sure the list will just say 'crap you don't need anyway'.

3. Mothers should have mandatory solitary confinement. Preferably on a beach with a glass of wine in hand.

4. On that note, there should be a wine that doesn't hit your blood stream for nursing mamas.

5. Older siblings should have a mute button that can be activated during baby's nap time.

6. I would also accept a pause button so I can shower without having to put both kids to sleep first.

7. How come we can have disposable housewares but I still have to wash our clothes?

8. I give major applause to stay-at-home moms. My version of such is actually called stay-at-home-but-mobile/talking-kids-go-out-mom.

9. Movies and television are my friends. I will have to deal with the ramifications later in life.

10. Money DEFINITELY buys me happiness sometimes. Retail therapy is totally under-rated!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer! We go home in just under three weeks and we all can't wait!!!