Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Days

I still stand firm in my initial assessment. The hardest transition is going from zero to one when it comes to having kids. Considering that my last blog post was over a month ago, that does not mean that I am not having an extremely difficult time now as well, it's just an entirely different adjustment to be making!

Let's see, so much to fill in here, and yet, so little has actually happened!

I had a small period of time (read: two days) where I was getting up super early and doing a two mile walk completely alone, no kids, no friends. Just me and my music. Shuky was just getting ready for work by the time I got back. It was great but at the end of the day I was totally drained and it has been very hard to convince my body to get up at that hour!

We set up a nice above-ground pool in the backyard of my mom's duplex a few blocks away. Her and Benny had a great time weeding and planting new flowers. We took food over there, lunch and pool dates galore. It is a great escape but in the current heat wave, it's a bit much! Hoping to get back there next week, as it keeps Benny quite happy, thereby keeping me quite sane!

Bella has an amazing personality, poo poo poo! She is super smiley and (much to my wishes otherwise) has begun the happy shrieking that Benny used to do. She is extremely active, pushes herself around when she's on her back by kicking her feet. She has these great conversations with Shuky, cooing and oohing and aahing back and forth at each other. I love it!

I still have yet to do professional pictures with the kids, Bella needs her first real batch and Benny needs his three year olds, both pre and post haircut.

We are getting closer to H-Day, otherwise known as Benny's haircut. Which, to him, is the marker for when we get to go to his 'real house', where he has his beloved train table and room. Finalizing details and getting everything ordered while working on the final guest list. Much to do.

Speaking of going home, I am currently working on some sort of game plan for getting us there! Haven't really decided what day we want to travel on, to which airport, are we going to ship or shlep our things? Blah blah blah. Mundane details that will ultimately end up with the same result. We will be home.

I will have to potty train Benny all over again. It's just what happens. He is already reverting and I've stopped fighting, knowing that I will have to do it all over again so soon!

By the way, I would just like to point out that Benny will be three this weekend. His hebrew birthday is on Friday, his English on Saturday. And, as I love to do with the big milestones, that means we just passed my blog's third birthday a few weeks ago!

Benny randomly decided to put himself down for a nap so I am going to take advantage of the precious peacefulness that is now in the room and enjoy a nice lunch and a cup of joe.

And for the sake of being realistic, I'll see you when I see you!

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