Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Course

I've been going on and on about needing to take pictures of the kids. Benny is going to be getting his hair cut soon, Bella is over three months old already. I don't want studio pics. We need a new family picture. Blah blah blah, it's all been said already.

I've been researching, trying to find the best of what we can afford. Been talking to photographers, trying to see who gives me the best feeling, who is going to really capture Benny in his non-stop motion. I was getting close!

Last night, Benny fell out of his bed (the boy is like a tornado in his sleep!) and got a nice sized bump and scratch, right down the middle of his forehead, with a little scratch on his nose as well.

There go pictures.

I'll be happy if things are somewhat decent looking in time for the upshernish!

Off to research photographers in Ames, thinking about maybe having someone meet us at Reiman Gardens, get some beautiful shots there. :)

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