Wednesday, January 23, 2013


When I first heard about the job opening, I was excited.
Eager to leave home.
Happy for a reason to look so put together every day.
I thought I might need a little more purpose.

Don't take that the wrong way. I wasn't some lost soul. I know I have purpose. I have an amazing husband, two beautiful children, an ENORMOUS family (from all sides). There was no question of my purpose.

Sometimes things can just get monotonous. Same thing, different day. Making the smallest effort in my appearance came as a pleasant surprise. I like to call it 'Blah'. I felt 'Blah'.

As the job's first day crept closer, I wondered if I had made a mistake taking the position.

As the first few weeks sped past, my laundry piles grew. Most of the piles were clean, just unfolded. The apartment was in a state of perpetual mess. Not dirty, just messy. That's what I kept saying, anyway. And dinners were definitely not as good as they used to be! I won't even talk about the menus. Those definitely did not exist since November.

I definitely enjoyed working. The job itself, not so much. The getting out and doing something, even for so few hours a day, that was great.

Last Friday was officially my last day in the office. I went in on Sunday for a few hours to close up things I was working on and went in again on Monday to hand the reigns back over.

On Tuesday, I did laundry. About eight loads. Add that to the six or seven loads lining up in the hallway, waiting to be folded. I believe I spent three hours straight folding laundry last night. And miraculously, I put EVERYTHING away last night as well. I should be calling Guinness World Records in truth! Physically doing the laundry, folding, AND putting it away. All on the same day. Unheard of!

Today, I lovingly cleaned. The kitchen, the living room, the play room, the laundry room, the bedrooms. All of it.

I love how sparkly and nice my apartment looks right now.

Tonight, Shuky and I went out to see a movie. And it was so nice coming back and seeing the floor free of toys strewn around, seeing the couch cushions in place, seeing the dinner dishes already in the dishwasher and the table already wiped down.

I will probably need to remind myself that I've said this but I love being a stay at home mom. At this moment.

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