Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Day!

I never thought getting to the airport could be such an ordeal as it was for us today! I got up at 6 to finish packing and get our carry-ons ready. Sruly picked us up around 8:45-9. We stopped at our old place first to grab something we forgot. The roads are all being redone so two blocks took almost ten minutes to drive! Then we stopped at Buncho for some to-go food and coffee. Another 15 minutes or so. And then we were off to LaGuardia!

So, merging onto the Grand Central from the Jackie Robinson, there was a van coming fast that we didn't see so we both ended up stopping short. The driver of the van was BEYOND pissed! Let's just say that even though both our windows and his windows were closed, we were able to hear the profanities quite clearly! He let us go and that was that.

Or so we thought. We were joking around about it and the van passes by to see us all laughing. I don't think that was the reaction he was looking for. Instantly, he went into crazy mode! He slows down, hoping we will pull up right next to him. Which wasn't something any of us were interested in doing, so we slowed down too. At this point, we are both pretty much stopped in our lanes, everyone around us is honking as two of the four lanes are being blocked up by this man's road rage issues! We moved over to be in his lane behind him so he switches to our previous lane. Back and forth a few times. Mr. Van is driving erratically, we're all really nervous. Sruly notices a cop in the far left lane and quickly pulls up next to them to get their attention. They stop to talk to us, Sruly explains what happened and asks for help. The cop tells us to get behind her and off we go. She speeds up with us in tow, takes us past the van and keeps driving with us. We see the van speeding up, swerving in and out and around all the cars. We start honking at the cop and pull up next to her letting her know what he's doing. She sends us in front of her and keeps the rear. Stays with us until our exit, where we SPEED off, hoping he won't see and follow. He didn't, thank G-d! We told Sruly to call when he got home!!! (He made it fine :) )

Off to the adventure of making it through the airport. After checking in at the last minute, we headed off to security. I walked through the wrong line and got yelled at. No biggie. We went back to the beginning of the line and waited 'like everyone else'. We gwt to the front and go to give our tickets and ID and realize the agent never gave us Shuky's ticket! So I continued through with Benny and he went back to get it. The workers saw what happened and helped me out to the gate. Shuky had a nice argument with the ticket agent, who, for some reason, was taking it personally! She finally printed his ticket and when the security guys saw Shuky they pulled him through super fast.
We made it onto the plane, enjoyed our stopover in Chicago and just left Rochester.
Oh, they lost my stroller too. Fun times, fun times!

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BobbiStorm said...

did they find the stroller?