Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Postvillllle. Sigh.

Hello everyone. We have survived phase one of our move. Getting here. Moving into our house is another story. It's been sitting empty for quite a few months now so I wanted an exterminator to come through, just clean up any 'squatters' who may have been enjoying the place! One would assume that I would have taken care of this before getting out here. That would have been smart. That would have been the efficient way to do things. I, obviously, did not. So, tomorrow, a week after getting into town, is the first day available to have the place treated, and of course the best thing to do is wait 24 hours after such a treatment. So we have gone from my mother's house in New York to my father's house in Iowa! We'll be here for Shavuos and then we can start putting our stuff in the house.
Well, first we'll have to go through and give the place a once-over, cleaning-wise, and then we can start moving in! We have a few projects we want to do over the summer. For one, I would like to paint the two bedrooms that we will be using. I would really like to make a nice room for Benny and likewise for ourselves! We haven't really been able to lay claims to any place yet since we've been married and we know we're here for at least two years. Why not really make it feel like home!
So I've been eying paint colors and trying to decide which way to go! We've also been fantasy shopping at Walmart a few times. Similar to window shopping, where you come home with nothing. But in the land of fantasy shopping, you can afford whatever you want. We are going to have one heckava place in this fantasy world!!!!!
The good news is, everything we own is now local. No more saying, 'Oh we have that in our boxes in Postville!'. And all of our New York stuff made it out today, so we REALLY have everything!!!
Alright, Benny has started this fun new schedule. He goes to sleep at a normal hour, usually between 7 and 8, depending on how his naps went during the day. Obviously, that is affecting what time he wakes up. Gone are the days of sleeping until 10 or 11. Hello 6:30-7. Hello birds chirping. Hello crack of dawn. Hello Shuky. Here's Benny.
I would like to create a snooze button for my child!
And now, being that it's 10 and Benny has been asleep for a while, I guess I should hit the sack as well!
Good night to one and all.
Oh, before I go, we would like to extend an open invitation to ANYONE who wants to come out for a visit, it's really beautiful here!!!!!!! And we finally have tons of space for guests!

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