Monday, June 8, 2009

Um, Say What?

Is there anyone else out there who is wondering when this illusive season they call 'Summer' may be coming? I am beginning to believe this is just so we don't complain so much about the winters! Tell us there is this great, hot season that comes soon after; tell us we can go swimming, yes, swimming; not have to layer up. YEA RIGHT!! I'm telling you, it's a lie! All a lie!

I'd probably even be happy if it were in the 80's, I don't need the standard high 90's to 100's. Just not 58. Because that's the current temperature here in Iowa. 58 degrees.


On a happier note, I fall more in love with Benny every day, if possible! He is at the most adorable stage, learning new things all the time. Really, he is just surprising me with his understanding of what's going on around him. He really gets things! And he really gets into things! He is slowly adding new words, or what sounds like words anyway. He points to things that are actually there now! He takes his little walker and runs everywhere! Ain't no stopping him now...:)

One of the funniest things he is doing these days is dancing to every drop of music he hears. It's awesome. I can sit and watch him for hours. If only he would sit for that long!

Everywhere we go with him, people stop what they're doing to talk to him. It's very interesting to see how people change around a baby, drop all their guards, become someone else!

We are still not fully into our house yet. We got this amazing deal on a bedroom set, it was originally $250, we found it clearanced for $62. It's a dresser, night-stand, headboard, and mirror. Beautiful too. Nice oak. It was brand new, in the box. They are just bringing in a new furniture company! Score!!

Anyway, if anyone wants our new mailing address, email me and I'd be more than happy to share it!
Have a good night!!!


Mimi said...

I love that stage! 1-2 yrs old is amazing. They learn new things everyday and it's so much fun to watch. They are totally entertaining. And when you have your first, you have time to just watch them all day and really enjoy every moment.
Enjoy it! I miss you:(

Chani Meyer said...

Remember shainas delicious dancing!! This is right around the same time we put up the pool that summer!! Man time goes by so fast! Miss you too! Hope we get together this summer!!!