Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Bobbelacious Shabbos!

We had an awesome Shabbos with Bobbe in Minneapolis this weekend! Rochel had a flight back to New York out of MSP for Sunday morning so my mom decided to make it a girls' weekend! She came in Thursday morning, where Rochel and I (along with the Benster) picked her up at the airport. We got a room at the Radison and spent tons of time in the pool! We also went out to eat, touring a bit, drove along the river at night, vegged, did a bit of shopping, and just plain had an amazing time!

Bobbe bought Benny his first train set!! He loves it! Well, he loves wrecking it, still a bit young for the tracks themselves, but he would not put down the trains!! He also LOVED the pool, as usual! I went to Target and found a great floatie contraption on clearance...of course, by the end of the weekend, he pretty much knew how to climb out of it. Good stuff! :) He was making friends with everyone in the hotel, doing his new thing where he gives lectures...gets all serious and shakes his hands around and just repeats his adorable!!

I brought the pack-n-play but he had a rough time sleeping, I guess he's gotten used to having his own room! So, every morning, around 6ish, he woke up like he sometimes does, but because he saw us all, he REFUSED to go back to sleep in his bed. Sleeping with him is like sleeping with a Whomping Willow (Harry Potter reference for anyone unsure). Which means no sleep for me past 6ish! And nighttime was a horror of it's own! I decided to just let him get tired enough to go to sleep, so about 11 or so each night, he would give me the 'I'm-rubbing-my-eyes-please-put-me-to-sleep' signal and off to bed he went!

For the drive back, being that it was just me and Mr. Monster, my goal was to not stop unless I absolutely needed gas, and that stop had to be, at the earliest, 30 minutes from home. I figured he would sleep until then, we were doing the airport drop-off at 5:30!! I knew that once he woke up, he probably wouldn't go back to sleep. And I was right. But, thankfully, I didn't need gas until Decorah (20 minutes away from home) and he slept the ENTIRE way!! Yay Benny!!

And now that we are back, I just finished unloading the car, Shuky blew the Shofar for us, and off to bed Benny goes for his first nap! Ahhhh, peace and quiet, come hither!

Hello Hulu, I've missed you!

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