Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Glorious Internet

When they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I'm pretty sure they had internet in mind. We finally got internet in the house and I am SUPER excited!! Obviously, I instantly uploaded pictures to my Facebook. Because, hey, I've got my priorities :)! And I was so sad to realize that without the constant uploading of pictures, I didn't take quite as many! Also, internet means video chatting again and catching up on all of our shows! Yay for HULU!!!!!

Shuky has started school already at this point. So far so good! I have decided to take a part-time job. A little over 3 hours a day, teaching some 5th grade English. Benny will be in daycare in the same building for those 3+ hours.

I think the daycare will be harder for me than for Benny, honestly. This kid has been attached to me, at the hip, for the past 13 months. He's a social butterfly, give him a few toys and another kid to take them away from :) and he's perfectly fine! How about me? Who am I going to chase after, who is going to frustrate me, who is going to make me laugh??? 5th grade girls, you have your work cut out for you!!!

We've been sending out Benny's pictures these past few days and if there is anyone out there who did not receive any and would like, please email me your address! You may be on the list already for the new batch of pictures coming in, or I may not have your info!!

Have a good Shabbos everyone!

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