Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Benny - The Unedited Version

He is amazing. I can't get enough of him. Honestly! The things he says and does, I cry from laughing! Every person that walks past him gets a, "Hi, how are you?" No matter where we are, who it is. We sit out on the deck all the time. Of course, everyone in the parking lot gets a personal greeting as well!

He sings every song from Kivi & Tuki at the top of his lungs, word for word, irregardless of where we are. It's usually in the middle of stores. I love it. He's also obsessed with Elmo's World, as is every other kid under five on the planet.

Today, we were out there have some Play-Dough fun - on the good advice of some persuasive Weberman/Feeley women - and someone sneezed in the far end of the parking lot. Benny looks around and yells out, "BLESS YOU!!!" and continues making his giraffe. He loves the Play-Dough set he has. I was hoping to get some color recognition covered with it. Surprisingly, he isn't very good with colors. Every time we talked about brown, he refused to say it any other way than 'brownie', he is truly my child!! ;)
**BTW, if you're crafty at all, there's a great recipe for home made Play-Dough on FreidaFroo, a great mom-blog that I follow religiously. Enjoy!**

Tonight, while putting him to sleep, I turned to him and said, "Do you want to show Mommy that you're such a big boy?"
To which he responded, "YES!!!"
"Ok," I said. "Mommy will leave the room and Benny will go to sleep all by himself!"
He thought about this for a minute. "No thank you Mommy."

PS We switched to Sprint today, each got the Samsung Moment. Very excited to have a great new phone that **GASP** has reception in our apartment! Due to the mega floods in Ames, we had to go to the store in Ankeny, about 19 miles away, took about half an hour to get there because of highways being flooded out and non-drivable!


Stefanie Bloom said...

Chani, Benny is truly a prodigy!!!! It's so freakin' amazing how well he speaks!!! I can't even understand most of what Aaron says 'cept for when he's screaming for the girls to "die" (first hebrew word everyone seemed to pick up) or when he's asking for "ode" petel in his sippy cup. Otherwise everything else mostly sounds like gibberish...... WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!

It's Baby Time said...

He is definitely a smart cookie (knock on wood) but I'm fairly certain I understand a lot more of his words than anyone else :)