Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're Here Because We're Here!

I really don't have the brainpower or willpower to write much at this moment. Just a quick hello. We made it. Not easily, at first, but we are here none the less! And I. LOVE. OUR. APARTMENT.

Quick breakdown of the day. Ok, breakdown is a bad word to use. We were running a little behind schedule, maybe 30 minutes or so. Everything was loaded up, went to say goodbye to my father. It was exactly 11. We wanted to be out by 10:30 at the latest. Pulled out of my father's driveway in my Blazer, ready to meet the truck. Got two properties away when we hear a loud BOOOOOM!! Smoke started pouring out of the front of the car like it was going out of style! I pulled over quickly, Zalmy grabbed Benny (he was on the same side as the car seat), I grabbed my wallet and phone, and we RAN from the car! There was some sort of fluid gushing out from the engine area.

I called Shuky, "I'm not joking around, the car just sort of blew up."

"Chani, that's not really funny. Are you kidding???"

"Nope. Totally serious." (I had been joking about this happening all morning)

Basically, my dad totally saved the day. He came with his truck, helped us transfer everything from Old Smokey to his reliable steed, called AAA and told us to get on the road. We'll figure out how to switch cars once mine is fixed!

So we were off. Extremely uneventful drive after that, thank God. Registered with the management company, got our keys, opened up our apartment. It was love at first site. It's adorable! I have a great little patio. Washer/Dryer combo is right in the kitchen, no more upstairs/downstairs lugging of clothing. The master bath is what really stole my heart, though. Private, door from our room, walk-in closet included in bathroom. I'm home.

Benny LOVES his room!!! Went straight to his window to say hi to everyone down below. Then made a beeline for his toys, which are now ALL over the room. Fortunately for him, he didn't need to worry about the mess as he is sleeping in my room. Unfortunately for Uncle Zalmy, he does as he is. In exchange for him having to deal with the mess, he gets one of our dressers in his room until he leaves.

By the way, everyone here is so happy and friendly! Our truck was blocking someone's car so instead of complaining and making us move it, he got out of the car with his son and helped to unpack the truck into a parking space. Everything that was still inside. And then refused the money we offered. The son is our downstairs neighbor, I told him to come up anytime he needs help with something! Then, after they left, the guys continued bringing things upstairs. Some other guys (upstairs neighbors this time) threw pieces of furniture on their backs, not exaggerating, and brought the stuff right into our apartment! Also refused the money. I made them a bunch of hot dogs and brought it up to them. They were super happy. We are all best friends for life now!

Ok, so I said I wasn't going to write a lot and here I go, rambling to no end.

Quick wrap-up. We are about 1/3 unpacked. Everything left is nicely organized. We can enjoy the apartment and unpack slowly. We already went touring a bit, made a WalMart run to get some necessities. Benny is asleep. Shuky and Zalmy are getting the TV stand set up so we can veg. I am happy.

Meet you on the patio in the morning for coffee!! :)

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