Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toilet Woes & Bedtime Sorrows

Potty training is going dismally slow.
Bedtime is absolutely painful.

I can understand the toilet issues he's having, he's just barely two. But night-time should be much smoother at this point! There are many things I can try to blame this on, but we all know the 'If and Then' games lead nowhere. Facts are facts. Benny does not go to sleep on his own. Sometimes he really fights it and it takes him anywhere from an hour to two. Sometimes he just goes to sleep nicely, with one of us in his bed. Not often, not the nicely part anyway. One of us always has to be in bed with him, putting him to sleep. Tonight, I actually tried bribing him to go to sleep on his own. Put a nice new train next to his bed (out of his reach but within sight) and told him he would get to have it in the morning if he went to sleep by himself. At first he was very excited. Once he realized I intended to leave the room he said, "Umm, no thank you Mommy!" So I put him to sleep and his prize went back in the prize box.

Speaking of prize box, the longer it takes to get him potty trained, the more that box is going to keep costing. I'm not complaining, necessarily, just stating facts again. For #1, he gets a little treat, usually stickers that go into a fun sticker book he has. Sometimes little chocolates. #2, though, now that is a whole other story! This prize box is full of different Thomas trains (Benny got the Take-Along set from his Bobbe last summer), and a nice variety of Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. The good news is, we usually find the trains for cheaper at stores like TJ Maxx. The cars usually come in variety packs so we get those.

Anyway, just venting, I guess. Things will go the way they are supposed to, I'm not too worried. In general, he's a great kid and we have so much to be thankful for!

And right now I will go enjoy my treat I got earlier - I rented The Last Song. :)


Ang said...

My older two were each almost 3 (like a few months before turning 3) before they were completely potty trained. I remember having to rock and sing to my oldest until he was 2 and the next oldest until she was 4 in order to get them to sleep. Now the 2 youngest are a different story, my now 3 year old will not go #1 in the potty. He starts school in a special classroom on Monday and they are actually going to help me to get him trained. He does have Autism but I feel he is just being extra stubborn. The baby is 16 months old and is already showing mini signs of wanting to go on the potty. And sleeping I don't know what that is anymore. LOL Between my 7 year old and my 3 year old I think someone is up during every part of the night.

Good Luck to you, sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, so keep it up. I think I am going to try the stickers and the prize box and see if that helps.

It's Baby Time said...

Good luck with all the new schools this year! I am keeping Benny home this year, and am EXTREMELY nervous about that!

As far as the prizes are concerned, he's funny and tries to get prizes when he has dirty diapers too, like, "OK, I go to toilet. I get prize." Nice try Buster! But he does love the system!

Ang said...

Funny we are both nervous about the same thing, just opposite. I remember the first year I home schooled. I loved every minute of it, I planned out our days and everything. This year I found out how important it is to keep good records of what you taught them and when you did. LOL

I have a feeling Dustin will try the same thing with getting prizes for going in his diaper. For school I had to get pull ups, so I bought a package for home also, I have a plan to put him in his Cowboy (they have buzz lightyear and woody on them) pants on him first thing in the morning and take him every 30 minutes all day long, just to see if maybe he will go once in the actual potty.