Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let The Potty Training Re-Begin!

Benny was doing really well with his potty training, even making requests in public to use the toilet! We weren't quite at the point of wearing underwear out of the house but we were very close! Then we had all the holiday traveling in September, followed by a two week visit to NY. Over that time, he completely regressed. Refused to even TALK about the toilet! Diapers only! What a major bummer, considering the amount of time and effort we had put into everything! I started him at 18 months and said we were going to take it slow, let him work out a system that he's comfortable with. Yeah, that worked very well!

Now, we are attempting to re-potty train the little dude. This time it's on our terms. I'm not leaving the house this week, unless absolutely necessary. We may have to go hungry if that's what it takes! (I'm joking, in case anyone is getting worried at that!) He is in his training pants, getting more juice than I've given him all year. More chips and salty things than usual. I'm also prepared to do as many loads of laundry as necessary! This time, prizes are working differently. I'm not going to spend so much money on prizes for each time. Now, he's old enough to understand that at the end of the tunnel is something he REALLY wants! During Chanukah, we went to an ice skating event. He had so much fun and has been asking to go back on a daily basis. Guess what he gets when he earns enough stickers on his toilet chart -- you got it, a trip to the ice skating rink with Mommy and Tatty!! And we talk about it every time his little tushie is on that toilet! I still have some left over cars available for days when he does a really great job, but I'm not handing them out as easily any more! We are going to make this happen and it's going to take effort from all of us this time! I refuse to have two tushies to diaper at the same time!!

The current reward chart:


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