Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tale of Twos

Once, long ago and far away, there was a young woman. Now, by relative standards, this young woman was quite normal. Decent amount of drama, weighed out by happiness and love. This woman met a young man that was the yang to her yin, another soul that could be considered normal. They got married and a short while later, had a little boy of their own, one they hoped would grow into his own person, facing all there was ahead of him with as much normalicy as possible.

Then, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, this little boy hit a stage in life commonly knows as 'Terrible Twos'. Although terrible seems quite a mild word for the behavior coming out of this little boy. Words could not begin to describe the sounds that came out of this little boy, the shrieks, the yells, the words! His body would go rigid when he was not getting his way. In case you are trying to figure out what this did, it more or less made it completely impossible to put a coat on him or strap him into his car seat.

Enough of the fairy tale, I'm sure some day this will end (IT DOES, RIGHT???) and we can have an 'and they all lived happily ever after' at the end of the story. In the meantime, I am dealing with this little boy, my lovely Benny, and his horrible tantrums on a way too regular basis! I don't like going out in public with him. I don't even want to take him downstairs to check the mail! And it doesn't help that I'm irritably pregnant and having fabulous dizzy spells with this new little bump of love! Combine dizzy spells with ear piercing shrieks. It doesn't play out well, no matter how you imagine it. Some days, we come home after dealing with one of these lovely shows he puts on and I go straight to the computer. For what, you ask? Looking for a school for Shuky to transfer to, one with a community that has a school. One that Benny can be in for a large portion of the day. When the clouds leave my head, I realize that's not the answer, but when the forecast calls for storms, that's where I go!

It's not like I'm not prepared to be home with him. I have my handy-dandy craft box, which we use on an extremely regular basis. We have an insane amount of toys for a household of one child, so no lack there! Books galore for reading fun, yep, we've got those! Don't forget about our extensive video library for some much needed vegging time!

The cold is a large factor. We can't go out as much, even for a quick walk or bike ride. Cabin fever sets in and amplifies all of the above nicenesses that we've mentioned here!

Now, add potty training (or, unfortunately, re-potty training in our case) and you have a very scary combination.

'This, too, shall pass.' An old saying that I like to live my life by. Thank you for listening to the frustrated ramblings of a stressed out pregnant mom! Hope you all are having a great day!

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