Sunday, January 16, 2011

OK Little Elves, My List is Ready!

As time slowly passes by, I feel the need to know that everything will be taken care of. On the budget of a full time student and stay at home mom, I am thankful that we got so many beautiful things for Benny when he was born. With this new addition, there is really not going to be a whole lot that we need. Except for big things of course. And, if it's a girl, an entire new wardrobe. I have my wish list. I add to it. Things will fall into place. Whether I get everything right away or slowly over time, it won't be a big deal! Just because I love baby products, and maybe some of you do too, I thought I'd share some of the big things I'm looking at. If any of you happen to notice amazing deals on any of these, definitely feel free to drop a line or two!

1. UppaBaby Vista with RumbleSeat
I figure with the almost three year age difference, it will be good to have a stroller that can be both single and double. And can hold the car seat. Thereby eliminating two of my strollers! :) My full size single is already up for sale, my car seat carrier is not worth selling, but will remain in storage instead of rearing its head! (If anyone is looking for a full-size stroller, the one I am selling is a Peg Perego Centro Completo in toffee, including all accessories. The wheels, rain cover, and hood were all replaced right before I put it into storage.)

2. Chicco KeyFit 30
I was extremely unhappy with my car seat that I bought for Benny. We went with a Mia Moda Viva. I liked it because it was so different than what everyone else was shlepping around. I found out very quickly, there was a reason no one else was carrying it around! It was a total piece of crap! Although, I did get many compliments on how cute it was! In all honesty, I doubt you can even get that seat anymore! I have it as back-up, in case I don't get the new seat before coming home from the hospital. After that, I plan on donating or even just trashing it. Not sure I'd feel comfortable recommending it for someone else to put their infant in! After a LOT of research, I am confident in the decision of going with the Chicco. Only time will tell if I am making a good choice!

3. Beabe BabyCook
This comes back to the budget thing. I don't want you all to think I'm one of those moms that took the time to make all of Benny's food on my own. We were big fans of jarred food. No prep, no cleanup, no time lost that could have been spent kissing and hugging my child. Not that you actually lose that time but there are things you need to tell yourself when you take the road marked Lazy Lane. With our super tight budget and me being home all day, I figure the least I could do is buy this. It's foolproof. Takes a matter of minutes and the cleanup is minimal. I can still turn to my good friends, Jarred Food, when I'm in a pinch, but why not try to do it right this time!

4. A Crib
You'll notice there is no link there. That would be because of my extreme indecision in this matter. Benny used his pack-n-play until he transferred to his bed. Which happened way too early in the timeline. Because he was able to climb right out of that lovely pack-n-play! I don't necessarily have space for a monstrosity of a crib that could be passed down to my kids great-grandchildren, but I'm really hoping to be able to convince myself that the lack of room left over after sleeping arrangements is so worth the extra sleep I will get. But, then again, what if this baby is no different and just finds the way out of the crib as if it were a pack-n-play? Then I dropped the little money we don't have on something unnecessary!! Hence the lack of linkage to the crib I have chosen.

5. Skip Hop Versa
Skip Hop has been good to me from the start! This is one of their newer bags and I'm ready to fill it!! :)

These are mostly big ticket items and, should push come to shove, I can probably find something more affordable that would work for us as well. But why would I want to do that? This is MY wish list, after all! A girl can dream!

And, because right now, a post wouldn't be a post without it, GO VOTE FOR YITZY before the contest closes tonight!!!


"MRS" menucha said...

I am one of those who makes her own baby food ;) who wants canned food? Try the canned peas then try my fresh ones and you'll understand lol

BTW you don't have to have a special cooker, you can get a bag of frozen veggies, fresh, etc. and boil then blend. You can freeze them in an ice cube tray :)

btw do you get WIC? Because were getting baby food for Essie from them.

oh and pss I'm not anti canned baby food users, I'll admit I've used them.

Chani M said...

I know I don't need the special one, I just know I'll never make it if I don't have something like this. I didn't bring my food processor here and I figure this little investment will help motivate me. Easy to use, quick to do, simple to clean...
Yea, I do get WIC and I know they give baby food on it but I still want to try making my own this time around! :)