Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snoogle Up!

I did it. I caved and bought a Snoogle, one of those expensive pregnancy pillows. In my defense, I've been selling things on Amazon, although I was planning on using that money to buy a nice, new diaper bag, but I decided I still have time to rebuild the fund and right now sleep is so much more important to me!! Thursday it comes. Thursday night I plan on making it to bed at an early hour to get the most of my first night of real sleep! :)

The weather has been kind of funny here lately. Yesterday we had rain. Turned the whole city into one big pile of slush. Which obviously froze overnight. Score.

Because yesterday was MLK Day, Shuky had the day off. He spent the morning studying and we went out for the afternoon together, after Benny's nap. I had a few errands to run so we did those quickly and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the library. Benny absolutely loves that place! He knows where everything is and just goes and does his thing. It's adorable! He usually starts out at the Lego table, building a 'giant water tower space shuttle' to knock down with Tatty. Then he makes his way over to the toys to play with all the cars and trains and magnetic letters on the wall. Then he usually requests time on the computer. He knows he has to go sign up at the desk. His way of asking is, "Hi, I'm Benny! Thank you very much for letting me use the computer!" I love him!! By the time he's done there, it's usually time to go home. The only way to get him out without a huge scene is to have a plan. Yesterday, I reminded him about a project we had done the previous day and we should get home quickly to see if it was dry. It takes creativity! :)

Anyway, today is laundry day so off I go to keep my family clothed. Stay warm everyone!

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