Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farewell to Thee

Shuky is getting his own little get-away. After his classes today, I am taking him to the airport and he is going to New York until Sunday. A very close friend of his is getting married and, as much as we would have liked to go as a family, it was not in the cards. So he is off on his own. And I will be here, partying with Benny. My brother will be coming to me for some of it. Definitely going to be happy to open the door for him! Benny has already made it very clear what Moishy's duties will be when he gets here: "Mommy, Uncle Moishy has to play with me! We need to play with all my toys!" Moish, you've got your work cut out for you! There are a lot of toys to play with!!

Anyway, my new pillow, George Jr., does great things for me! Benny crawls into bed in the morning and makes me move over so he can have some pillow time as well!

I have mounds of dishes to do and no desire to do them. I guess I should at least start. Get one dishrack done, with no space left I'll have to take a break! :)

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