Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sugar Full!

Last week was a long one. Aside from the fact that Shuky was out of town for most of it, I had a little side fun to deal with. At my 28 week appointment, they did my glucose test, as is normal. My levels were a bit too high, just over the line according to the nurse who called me, and I had to go in for the three hour test. With Benny, I did not have this so of course, as soon as I picked up that phone call, I freaked out. When a nurse calls and starts the conversation with, "Do you have a few minutes to talk?" you don't start getting happy and mushy feelings in your stomach! Along with the test, they gave me a diet to follow for the three days proceeding the appointment. Diets are usually not an issue. This was a different kind of diet, though. They gave me a very detailed minimum of what I had to eat at each meal, I was welcome to eat more if I wanted. I have not eaten so much in a VERY long time! And at the end of each day, I was left feeling gross. And bloated!
On the fourth morning, I had to go in for the test. Of course, I had to fast from 8pm the day before. I got there at 8, only to find out that the nurse had not actually put the order in for the tests. Around comes 8:30. They finally get started. For those of you who have never had this done, here's how it went. It started with a urine sample, a blood test, and a huge cup of the gross glucose drink (which tastes like the syrup they use to make sprite without any dilution) chugged down. Then they set the timer for an hour. At which point they took blood and asked for another urine sample. This happened two more times. It was a total of three hours (from when they finally started) and four blood/urine samples. The blood was all drawn from the same spot, although I'm assuming that's not a requirement but more the choice of the person drawing the blood. By the third sample, that spot on my arm was really starting to hurt! The nice thing about the experience was the amazingly comfortable, enormous recliner they had right in the lab. They told me to relax, sleep if I wanted to, they would let me know when it was time for the next round. They don't want you walking around too much, in case you work the glucose out of your system, so relax I did! Took a few minutes to walk after each time they drew blood, refilled my water bottle. Then back to that chair I went!
Thankfully, Moishy was home with Benny so I didn't have to deal with chasing him around for those few hours!
And, of course, the day of the test, Shuky's phone broke in New York so I couldn't even reach him to calm my nerves at all.
By the next day, they had called to let me know everything was fine. Sigh of relief! Bring on the sugar!

Anyway, today is my 30 week mark. I'm ready for the countdown to begin! For all you out there thinking about upcoming holidays, that means there are only 11 weeks left until Pesach begins. Never a good thing to realize!! Good luck with all the preparations!

Have a good one!

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