Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Stuff Done

Each week that passes brings more to my to-do list. We have Purim coming up. Working on costumes and shalach manos ideas. Then comes Pesach. Working on clothing for everyone, along with making sure everything at my father's house is being taken care of. We have baby coming right around the same time, G-d willing, but not much I can do on that front! Then, after Pesach, Shuky has finals (I'm going to start praying now that we all survive that ordeal again!) and then off to NY we go!

In the meantime, we are still waiting for all our W-2s to come in so we can file our taxes and get our money already!

Still working on organizing things around here, too.

I'm trying to find a camp for Benny in NY. And get his uphsernish planned. And hoping Shuky gets a good internship or job for the summer.

Also, my OB appointments are now every two weeks. I guess that means we are really getting close!

I'm exhausted. Always am. At least I am sleeping better at night!

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