Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poopy Woes

I feel like I shouldn't complain. But I have to! Benny is doing great with wearing underwear during the day. We don't do pants yet or underwear when we go out, but more or less, everything makes it to the toilet! But when it doesn't, I really wish I could be somewhere else! Some day, I will invent an 'Instant Toilet Training' kit, not sure what form it will be applied in yet, but you just wait! It will be on the market before I have to do this with another tushie!

Speaking of which, 9 weeks left as of today. Which means there are less than 10 weeks until Pesach for everyone out there not ready to start freaking out. Now's the time!

PS Benny's hair is really getting long. I love it! But of course, everywhere we go, people wonder what his gender is. Regardless of how boyish he behaves and is dressed! He could be wearing a shirt that says 'I am a boy' and people would still question.

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