Thursday, February 24, 2011

Done Deal

Last I wrote, I was going to attempt to make Benny a super hero cape. Guess what folks, this waddling mama pulled it off! Last night, Shuky was oh so kind and did Benny's bedtime routine with him so I could go out and get what we needed for Shalach Manos (Purim is creeping up on us!) and I took advantage of that and bought the stuff for the cape.

I decided to be as frugal as possible, more out of necessity than desire, but shh. I found an old, red pillowcase (I have absolutely no idea where it came from). I searched through Shuky's shirts and found a black polo that I know he doesn't wear. Both were perfect measurements. All I had to buy were a few small things; needle, thread, pins, velcro. I already had felt for the applique in my craft box, along with tacky glue and a good pair of scissors. So, today, while Benny played and tested my patience, I sat and made his cape.

And I love it!

I almost want to call my sister in law to get dimensions for her kids so they can all be super together on Pesach. Keyword being almost. My back is KILLING after doing this today! We don't have a dining room table in this apartment so I sat at our kitchen counter most of the day. While Benny was in the bath, I sat on the floor in the bathroom sewing. Once he was in bed, I moved to the couch, but at that point the damage was done. But I don't care. He is going to be ECSTATIC when he sees the finished product tomorrow! If I get a chance to, I will try to make a little mask to go along with it.

After all, a super's most prized possession is his identity!

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