Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Ode To My Firstborn

As I'm nearing my due date I got to thinking. Not usually a good thing, but bare with me here! The last time I found myself in this situation (about two and a half years ago) my life was extremely different. I was working full time, as was Shuky. We had a nice spacious house. We had no kids yet. Now, I have been home with our two and a half year old, in our tiny little apartment, while Shuky spends his entire day (and sometimes evenings) in school and most of his nights are spent studying and doing homework.

Obviously, those dynamics have changed the way this pregnancy has gone for me. Some days are good, some are bad. Nothing I can't handle, but it most definitely affects the way I am to the people around me!

And yet, I watch Benny playing and realize this is how it should be. The amount of joy this little boy has brought to my life is indescribable. The things he says and does constantly keep me on my toes. He remembers more than I do, and tends to use it to his benefit! He is a spitball of energy and I may not have enough to keep up with him sometimes, but I try! He is friendlier than the average adult, saying hi to every person and animal he sees! And I mean every. He loves music and has a talent that I would love to expound on when he is a little older and can appreciate it! He is extremely helpful, when he wants to be! There is a sense of adventure about him, we never have a dull moment!

So, though this all may have provided extra challenges, I would not change my life in any way, shape or form. Just wanted to let everyone know that!

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