Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seashells and Cheese

Yesterday was a long and hard day. I needed a quick and easy dinner idea so I ended up with noodles and cheese. I used shells to be a little different. That backfired. Big time. Benny saw the shells and immediately looked at me, super confused.
"Mommy, these are seashells. We have to make a sand castle!"
"No Benny, they are noodles and they have a yummy sauce with cheese on them! Take a bite, try one!"
"No Mommy, we can't eat seashells!!"
And on it went for a while!

Shuky managed to force one into his mouth about fifteen minutes later. That was it. Ended up giving him a bowl of cereal and milk for dinner after much arguing. Note to self: stick with what works.


tkob said...

That's SO funny. You gotta give it to the kid, he likes what he likes!

Chani M said...

And he knows how to make it known :)