Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let The Party Begin!

So, we spoke about what we were thinking of doing for spring break in my last post. Chances are, a possible emergency root canal was not very high on Shuky's to-do list but it does look like that will be the case! We'll find out for sure tomorrow but it seems like we will be spending a few days in Iowa City. I guess a quasi vacation is better than no vacation. Not that it is promising to be a very relaxing one at this point. I found a decent hotel with a nice water slide, right next to the Coral Ridge Mall, which I happen to love! A great indoor ice skating rink, a beautiful carousel, the Childrens Museum - all in the mall! How amazing is that! So, we shall see how enjoyable the trip turns out to be!

On a totally seperate note, I am making a change to my baby wish list. I am switching my desire for the UppaBaby Vista to the Britax B-Ready. I dragged Benny and Shuky to some baby boutiques this afternoon, in Des Moines, and played around with both strollers, had Benny sit in both seats, see what it felt like for him and me! Aside from the huge price difference, especially with the great promotion Britax has going on right now, it's a big plus that the stroller can be folded with both seats attached! And the second seat reclines. And Benny seemed more comfortable in both seats. There were quite a few things that drew me to it but, in all honestly, the price and fold won me over!

PS - Amazon is $100 less than in stores! Score!

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