Friday, March 25, 2011

We're Really Getting There!!

Last night I had some real contractions, about 9 minutes apart. Thought I might have to go in! But they stopped and I actually had the best night of sleep since probably the beginning of my second trimester. Go figure! Made me realize I need to get a bag packed sometime soon! And Rochel, my amazing sister that is coming out to help, better get here soon!!! I figure, worse comes to worse, Moishy (being the awesome-sauce that he is) will have to drive down from Postville if the time comes before Rochel does. Not a huge deal.

I still have a bit of organizing to do but thankfully, we have made our way through most everything. We've rearranged our closet one more time (did it last week) and this seems to be the best configuration, the way the storage space is being utilized is so much smarter! We can see everything and are able to pull out what we need without a domino affect destroying everything else. That, my friends, is the key. And it's not an eye sore anymore, looking into the closet from the bathroom. Yet another thing that makes me smile!

Benny's room is still a work in progress, trying to figure out how this will become a room for two, considering that we keep all the toys in there as well. Ultimately, I need to find an awesome dresser that can hold clothing for two kids and maybe host a changing pad on top. And I need to go through everything being stored in his closet, see what can be put back in our Postville storage and what can be consolidated, maybe with the help of our trusty vacuum bags (I wrote about them when we were packing to move).

I went to link to the old post and got caught up reading about our moving month. Lol. Easily distracted is an understatement about my current state of being. And with that note, I am off to be distracted by something, who knows what, that will keep me busy as I desperately avoid looking out my windows. There is snow out there. Why???

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