Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Ahoy!

Iowa City was a nice, successful trip. We found a nice little hotel with a pool. When we were checking in, Shuky mentioned that it was our anniversary and we got a free upgrade to a suite! On Sunday, after getting settled in to our room, we headed over to the mall. Walked around a bit, put Benny on the carousel. Headed back to the hotel for some pool time. It was really nice, we had the pool to ourselves. Had a nice dinner and put Benny to sleep at his regular time. He was out in seconds. Monday morning, we sadly learned that, for some unknown reason, most attractions in the area chose Monday as their day to be closed! So we just hung out until it was time to take Shuky for his appointment. We dropped him off and Benny and I went to have a play date with the Blesofsky kids! Benny obviously had a blast, as he always does there, while I enjoyed getting to chat with the missus. We headed back to the hotel after a bit and just relaxed until Shuky's procedure was done. After we got back from picking him up, Benny and I went to the pool before doing dinner and a timely bedtime again. Out within seconds again. We all called it an early night! Tuesday morning, we thought about going out to some of the now opened local attractions. Decided to visit the pool one last time before hitting the road! On the way home, we stopped at the outlets, got a few small goodies, and were once again homeward bound.

He really was happy, I promise!

As we were heading toward Des Moines, we decided that the gorgeous weather called for a visit to the zoo. Great decision! We went for a bit and had a blast!

On the way home, our 'Service Engine Soon' light popped on. Cue the horrific memories of our road trip from New York. Pulled straight into a service station and made an appointment for the morning. Dreading what I was going to find out, I took the car in this morning. Of course it's never good. Transmission issues. Another big job. With all we've gone through with this Blazer, if we had more money, I would have gone and picked out a new car. With the reality being what it is, my brother Moishy is coming to get the car tomorrow to have it serviced back home, with a mechanic we know and trust, who quoted us 1/3 of the price! And, in the meantime, I have a fun little rental car. So today was pretty much used up on dealing with the car!

And today was a horrible day to lose, it was 66 degrees outside! So much potential to go out and have a great day! When I finally left the rental agency, I quickly went home to get Shuky and Benny and we ran to the park while there was still some beautiful sunlight left! And, to make up for the lack of fun, Benny's bath involved a bathing suit tonight. :)

We rented some movies so off I go to pop some popcorn that I will ultimately regret eating! Have a good night one and all!

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