Friday, March 11, 2011

Addition to My Wishlist

One of the stores we went to yesterday is called Simply For Giggles. More or less my dream store. Had all the beautiful baby products you want to find in a store but don't see in big box stores like Babies R Us and the likes. Everything was set up for you to see it in action. There was a portion of the store that was sectioned off for community events, they host sing-alongs and other similar events. The owner was super sweet, her two kids were there and Benny instantly ran off to play with her little boy. If you're a local reader, go check the place out! All the beautiful murals on the wall were painted by the owner!! Basically, when I finally get to start my own place, I want it to be like that one. :)

Anyway, while we were there, I found the crib I should have linked to in my baby wishlist - it's called the Argington Organic Bam Crib/Bassinet Set . The bassinet expands into a crib after the first few months. Beautiful piece with great functionality. Price tag out of my range but definitely getting filed away in the back of my head for if extra money appears in our baby budget!

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