Monday, March 7, 2011

Sleep Again

Spring break approaches and yet today we are getting snow mixed in with our rain. Oh the horror!

So, we've decided it's not a good time for a vacation next week. It's going to be too much work and discomfort for the amount we'd be spending, I'm not really the biggest load of fun these days! We'll just do some fun things locally, maybe finally check out the pottery place I've been dying to visit! Pump It Up will definitely make it onto our to-do list as well! Benny loves the place!! Maybe finish up some last minute organizing and projects around the house while we can.

On to another topic, I wanted to talk about Benny's sleep schedule a bit. I mentioned previously how we've changed his schedule, no more naps and bedtime starts much earlier. Well, at first he wasn't really being affected by it in the mornings, but now that his body is getting used to the different hours, he is started to get up earlier and earlier. It's usually right after 6 when he comes to my bed in the morning, fully awake. I'm not a morning person. Especially when I'm in pregnant! He has learned to find the remote and bring it to my face for me to put something on for him once he gets in my bed. That usually gets us a bit closer to 7. I'm not crazy about how much screen time he ends up with in the mornings but right now, I don't have the strength to change that! Once he's had enough, he makes his way to the living room, turns the light on, and starts yelling for me to come play with him or feed him.

Now, yesterday we drove to Waterloo (about an hour and 45 minutes away) to meet my father and brother. They brought me some things I needed from Postville and I brought them some things I needed to put back in storage and some more Pesach things I bought. It's about the halfway point for both of us so this is usually our spot to rendezvous and do our 'exchanges'. We probably spent a total of an hour in Waterloo and came right back to Ames, we weren't going anything in Waterloo, we were going to do our switcheroo! So, with all that car time, Benny obviously got a nap in. Unfortunately for me. Shuky went to school to meet with one of the groups he's working with and I had to do night-time on my own with Benny. I figured, with the nap, it's not worth it for me to start at the regular time, so I pushed everything off by about a half an hour. I'm pretty sure the clock read 10:12 when he finally fell asleep. We won't discuss how much screaming (his and mine) and book reading occurred in the time between. Let's just say, I wasn't in the best of moods when Shuky got home at 12ish(!!!). But then, this morning, it was 7:15 when he climbed into my bed. Again, totally not worth the battle at night but yay for a later morning!

On a side note, on Shabbos afternoon, we all took naps. We've decided that if there's a day we can try to enforce naps to sort of catch up on the lack of it during the week, Shabbos is perfect. If he goes to sleep later on a Saturday night, it won't kill a school day for Shuky and it's just all-around easier to deal with! Anyway, he took a nap with Shuky for about an hour and a half. In underwear. Woke up dry. Very happy mother and father over here!!

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