Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Attempt

I decided that I am going to attempt to make some dress up clothing for Benny. We'll see if I ever actually make it to the fabric store, but that's another story! I have been searching for a good Fireman outfit for him and on one of the daily deal sites today, I saw an awesome superhero costume. It was a generic, no specific character. It was perfect! It was also $15 for the cape and another $11 for the mask and matching wristbands. I'm sure I could do it for less! We shall see, my friends. We shall see! My goal is to get to the store this week and pick some fabric up. Unfortunately, I do not have a machine to use so it will be by hand. But I'm confident in my abilities. It will come out quite nice! And then, if I really make enough, I can finally have a reason to hang the cute hooks I have for his room!

Off I go to search for patterns. :)

Here's to a successful project!

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