Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sometimes, little, old ladies really make my day! Recently, while sitting in a waiting room, I had the following conversation:

Little, Old Lady (LOL): So, do you know what you're having yet? (Referring to my belly)
Me (ME): It's going to be a surprise for everyone!
LOL: Aha. Well, if it's a girl, you should name her Molly. Or Gracie. Or Tia. I prefer Molly though.
ME: Thanks for the tip, I'll put those names on my list for you! Although I'm not particularly fond of Tia, my mom is from South America so that is the term we use for Aunt!
LOL: So just go with Molly. Do you have any other kids?
ME: Yep, got a two and a half year old boy!
LOL: Oh. (pitiful pause) You're going to have your hands full!
ME: So it would seem!
LOL: What's his name?
ME: Well, his name is Benjamin but we call him Benny.
LOL: Hm. I don't like the name Benny.
ME: (Not sure how to respond. Fear not, she continued on, solving my dilemma for me!)
LOL: I love the name Benjamin, just really don't like the name Benny!
ME: Did you ever see a baby and just know they need to be called something specific? That's how it was with him, he was a total Benny when we first saw him!!
LOL: The only kid I ever saw like that was a Molly.


Anonymous said...

Chan I'm laughing so hard, that lady sounds effing amazing...u should have a blog...oh wait

Chani M said...

Even through your anonymity, I can smell your Aliyahness :)

She was beyond amazing. I walked away wishing I had some hidden recorder to transcribe the entire conversation I had with her!

Hope you had a great birthday!!