Monday, March 25, 2013

Closing the Book

Completing projects is not always my forte. I start them a plenty and get extremely gung ho. I jump in with plenty of enthusiasm. Maybe if there were only one item to make I would finish more projects.

Every time I start a new project, I tell myself it will be different this time. I am proud to announce that this project actually was! I finished both hagaddahs before Pesach started! Benny's was finished first and getting Bella's done went much faster with a guide of sorts.

I only have a few hours left to stuff my face with chametz so I'm not going to waste too much time describing things but I do have page by page pictures of each hagaddah!

Benny's Hagaddah:
This cover is not working for me. After Pesach I will try to revamp it a little.

Benny loves this song, sings it year round.

Walgreens had a coupon out for a free collage. Score. Twas perfect for this page!

 Unfortunately, I forgot to leave extra pages by maggid for this.

Bella's Hagaddah:
Again. Cover is not working. A later project.

They each had slightly different pictures. Her lack thereof allowed for the Ma Nishtana to be placed appropriately.

For some reason, Bella's matzah eating pictures disappeared. I considered filling in with random matzah pictures but I figure I can get the pictures redone over this super holiday we are walking in to.

Again, holding the place for the matzah eating pictures.

As a finishing touch I added this as I was putting everything away:

I am extremely excited about how they came out and will tweak them a little for next year but ultimately, this is one project I can totally cross of my list!

Here's to a happy and healthy holiday for all our family and friends.


Frayda B said...

Chani - it's incredible!!!! Did you draw all the pictures & do the lettering yourself? I love it!!!

Chani M said...

I printed out the seder plate and the ma nishtana and I used a stencil for the letters -everything else is a Chani original though :)

Dara said...

great job!

tkob said...

I never saw anything like it! It is a masterpiece. What lucky kids... they will be able to look back and see this wonderful Hagaddah perhaps even show it to their kids! Brava!