Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So Long Playroom

For a long time now, Shuky has been suggesting we eliminate the play room and put the kids in their own separate rooms. Give them each some toys. Give them each some privacy, a place to retreat to when they aren't getting along well. Give them each a chance to go to sleep nicely on their own.

I've been holding off because I really like having the option of just closing the door on whatever chaos may be created during the day's play. I like having sleeping space and playing space in separate rooms.

Yesterday, I had a hard time getting any housework done with the two of them together in the playroom. Endless fighting and constantly having to go in there to see what was going on. Just not good.

So as soon as Shuky walked in the door, at about 4:30, I told him I was ready. We moved quickly so the kids would not be off their schedule.

We kept Benny in the room they were originally in, he had more things hanging on the wall and he was definitely more settled in a routine. We pulled the toys that were mostly his into the room. He has his cars and trains, the train table, his motorcycle, tons of other fun things to keep a little guy happy.

Bella's wall things still need to be moved.

Bella's bed went into the bedroom formerly known as the playroom. She got the kitchens and the play food and the stuffed animals and her strollers, plenty of books and plenty more.

The decorations need to be changed, these are playroom settings.

She needs a toy organizer and the room in general needs a major dose of personality.

Way to feed stereotypes, right? We will find a balance over time.

Now I have to figure out where in the world all the things scattered throughout the apartment are going to be stored. Losing the playroom meant also losing the closet in there!

Benny went to sleep so nicely in his own room, and Bella followed suit soon after. It was very cute peeking in on them, each in their own little places.

I will miss the playroom for sure. As soon as we are outta here, that will be a requirement in our new home search. But separate bedrooms will be on the list as well.

Benny's rule of nothing before 7 is still being enforced, he just has toys to keep him busy now instead of sneaking out of his room like before.

And I still want to encourage their playing together nicely. We are just giving them the opportunity to retreat to their own little worlds when that isn't working for them. Sometimes you just need your own space!

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